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HOPE – AEDI 2023

Waves crashing from the winter Japan Sea. Beams of light streaming through gaps in the clouds. A two-minute key visual.


A small logo shop where you can easily purchase logos.

Nakagawa Kitchen Brand Poster

Expressing the brand through taglines and visuals.

Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan Brand Poster

Capturing history, future, and expansiveness through photography and message.

B8C Group Brand Poster and Flyer

Powerfully expressing the brand of a company/organization group rooted in the spirit of normalization through posters and flyers.

Hope Real Estate Logo Mark

Simple and cute. A captivating and adorable logo mark.

Shinryo Industrial Co. Website and Business Card

Corporate website for a robust and reliable business with a specialization in job recruitment, project achievements, and SEO.

FALTO The Works Brochure

A simple and minimalist brochure showcasing construction achievements.

Falto Website

Multilingual corporate website with extensive project portfolio.

AND – Italian Japanese Restaurant Website

Incorporating the restaurant's concept into the logo design.

Rugby Rugtaro Chapter 2: “A Bit of Zombie Edition” LINE Stickers

Unconventional characters, unconventional rugby LINE stickers.

Rugby Rugtaro LINE Stickers

To all rugby fans. Rugby LINE stickers featuring a character who can play all positions.

The First – E-commerce Website Theme

Simple and clean design. Essential and sufficient features.

AEDI Motion Logo

Expressing the origin of the company name through animation.

Sanyo Chiken Website

Branding and SEO. Transitioning from a static website to a dynamic website.

The First WebVR Project

Simple WebVR experience.

Kamogata High School Website

A high school website striving to be the best in Okayama prefecture in terms of content, design, and functionality.

Soeno Dental Office Website

An easy-to-understand and friendly website for a dental clinic in a welcoming neighborhood.

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