FALTO The Works Brochure

Falto The Works - Main Visual

A simple and minimalist brochure showcasing construction achievements.

We have undertaken the creation of a project achievement brochure for FALTO Corporation. Our involvement encompassed planning, art direction, design, copywriting, icon design, photography, and branding. FALTO is a company based in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, engaging in furniture work, wooden fittings work, and carpentry work primarily in western Japan but with a nationwide reach. The brochure showcases select achievements from their extensive project portfolio, including the predecessor entity, Design Kougei Nakanishi Co., Ltd., established in 1982. The brochure is a minimalistic and elegant 8-page document, presenting the featured projects solely through photographs. To infuse warmth and approachability into the brochure, we integrated icons that are also used on the company's website, portraying their diverse range of services and projects. In tandem with the iconic representation of their main facility, we aimed for a balanced overall design that exudes gentleness and familiarity.

Falto The Works - Brochure Icon List
Falto The Works - Brochure Spread
Falto The Works - Brochure List of Construction Achievements
Falto The Works - Brochure List of Construction Achievements
Falto The Works - Brochure Back Cover
Falto The Works - Brochure Cover and Back Cover
Falto The Works - Three Brochures
Falto The Works - Brochure Photos (Factory)


Project Management Planning Art Direction Brochure Design Copywriting Icon Design Photography Branding
Shozo Karato at AEDI Inc.
Photos Courtesy
FALTO Corporation
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