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Brand Design

Propose new value to the world.

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To be chosen and succeed continuously.

AEDI helps clients enhance the value and attractiveness of their services and products, making them more appealing to consumers and users through design and website development. We aim to propose new value to the world by bringing out the inherent value and charm. We assist in building mechanisms and improving brand value to ensure continuous selection by consumers and users. Our expertise lies in branding strategies that drive sustained growth.

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All services of AEDI are branding.

We offer a range of services that encompass branding. Our “Website Development Service” includes website design, web development, and UI/UX design. Our “Graphic Design Service” handles the creation of logos, business cards, catalogs, brochures, posters, and more. We provide “Motion Design Service” for motion graphics and animation production. Additionally, we specialize in “Character Design Service” for character and illustration creation. These services form an integral part of brand design/branding, focusing on visual elements to achieve a comprehensive brand design. The objectives include improving brand recognition, establishing a competitive advantage, promoting differentiation from competitors, and enhancing customer loyalty.

Breathing Life Into Your Brand

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Establish competitive advantage.

By enhancing the visibility of your brand, there is a higher likelihood that consumers will be attracted to your products. However, even if you offer excellent services or products, without a strong brand presence, you may struggle to gain consumer recognition. AEDI’s branding services encompass website development, graphic design, motion design, character design, and more, providing comprehensive support to establish a competitive advantage. With our services, let’s elevate brand recognition and build a memorable brand in the minds of consumers.

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Enhance trust.

A highly visible brand has the power to evoke and improve the sense of trust and attachment, known as ‘loyalty,’ that consumers have towards a particular company or brand and its products or services. Consumers with high loyalty are more inclined to choose higher-priced services or products and respond actively to new offerings. AEDI assists clients in building brand identity, advertising, and owned media to cultivate this kind of loyalty. Let us support your business in fostering trust and loyalty among consumers.

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Comprehensive brand design.

We offer a wide range of design services tailored to meet our client’s needs. This includes the creation of logos, business cards, catalogs, and website development, but it doesn’t stop there. We also provide a comprehensive brand design that takes into consideration the company’s business objectives, mission, vision, values, brand message, and brand promise. We consider the company’s business scope, corporate culture, and history to deliver a holistic approach to brand design.

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Breathe life into brands.

Branding is a vital element in shaping the image of a company or product and leaving a lasting impression on consumers’ minds. At AEDI, we infuse life into our clients’ brands through our expertise in design, web development, and innovative ideas. It involves deeply understanding the brand’s history and values, and expressing them widely through design and messaging to resonate with the world. Our branding services focus on clarifying our client’s strengths and unique features, pursuing excellence in design and functionality, and building a solid brand image that aligns with the needs of consumers. We strive to create strategic branding that captures the essence of our client’s brands and leaves a lasting impact.

Other Services

Transforming businesses through more appealing and effective websites.

Attract people with the power of design. Graphic design that makes people want to see more.

Convey your services and products impressively and concretely through motion graphics and animation.

Let's go with cute. With an endearing and beloved character.

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