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Bring the vision to life through design.

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Design with a serious playfulness.

Exciting designs.

Graphic design should evoke emotions, whether it’s excitement, tranquility, or any other feeling. Without designs that resonate with the heart and stir emotions, the meaning of design might be lost. We don’t just create what we want; we design with a constant consideration of how consumers, our client’s target audience, will perceive and feel when they see the design. This is where AEDI adds value to graphic design. For instance, whether it’s a flyer, catalog, or brochure designed to be picked up and read or a poster that makes you pause and take a closer look, we provide graphic designs that attract and captivate consumers, leaving a lasting impression.

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Nakagawa Kitchen Premium Organic Series Food Catalog Vol. 1

Bring out the value and appeal of services and products. Propose new value.

Design that maximizes the features of products and services. In addition to this, what AEDI values are the ability of graphic design to bring out the value and appeal of services and products and propose new value. We aim to appeal to consumers with value and appeal, stimulate their purchase intent, and increase inquiries. In other words, AEDI’s graphic design is intended to prompt consumer action and maximize promotional effects by creating opportunities for purchases and inquiries.

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A strategic approach.

AEDI’s graphic design takes a strategic approach to achieving objectives. We begin by clarifying the goals and gathering the necessary information. We strive to understand consumer needs and conduct research for differentiation from competitors’ products and services. Based on this information, we create compelling copywriting and content to develop more effective graphic designs. We also value consumer feedback and incorporate it when improvements are identified. Our focus is always on prioritizing the client’s needs and delivering designs that are both effective and appealing.

Nakagawa Kitchen Premium Organic Series Food Catalog Vol. 1 - Cover and Back Cover

Enhance brand image and brand loyalty.

From logo graphic design as the foundation to 3D graphics, animations, and even website design, AEDI is capable of providing comprehensive design solutions for anything that requires design. In this regard, branding becomes crucial. By establishing a sense of unity and consistency in the design of services, products, and companies, we elevate brand visibility. With increased brand visibility, the likelihood of consumers recognizing the brand rises, generating higher interest in the products or services. As interest grows, consumers are more likely to develop trust and attachment (brand loyalty) towards the brand, leading them to actively choose the brand’s products or services.

Okayama Prefectural Kamogata High School Website - Graphic Design for the 'The Thirteen Models in the Five Groups that Make Dreams Come True
Okayama Prefectural Kamogata High School Website - Graphic Design for the 'The Thirteen Models in the Five Groups that Make Dreams Come True

We love graphic design.

PlayU Logo Graphic T-shirt - Designed in Okayama

We love design. It’s the greatest advantage.

In the words of Sen no Rikyu, there is a cautionary saying that goes, “Among skill, practice, and love, it is love that makes one truly proficient.” This is the original version of the famous saying, “Love is the key to mastery,” emphasizing the importance of pursuing what one loves among being skilled, practicing, and having a passion. Indeed, if it is something we love, we can endure hardships and continue to strive for it. At AEDI, because we have a deep love for both appreciating and creating design, we aim to produce even more captivating and fascinating creations. We believe that our genuine passion for design is the greatest advantage, not only for us but also for our clients.

Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan Products Catalog 2022-2023 Second Edition - Three Catalogs

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Transforming businesses through more appealing and effective websites.

Convey your services and products impressively and concretely through motion graphics and animation.

Let's go with cute. With an endearing and beloved character.

Brand design for continuous selection and sales success.

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