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Let’s make stars!

Let's go with cute.

Cute is the strongest.

When it comes to character design, our character design service specializes in creating cute characters, rather than cool or attractive ones. While we may not be able to create cool characters or beautiful men and women, we excel in designing cute characters. Cute characters have a natural and approachable appeal, making them a powerful means of being loved by people of all ages and genders. Using cute characters can enhance the brand image of services, products, companies, and organizations. Let’s strengthen communication with consumers and users through the use of characters and become popular! Cute characters are the strongest.

Characters bridge services, products, and people in the world.

They capture the hearts of consumers and users, bringing smiles to people’s faces. They shine in promotions and events, leaving a lasting impression in people’s memories even after the event is over. They uplift people’s spirits and have the potential to become even more popular than the services or products themselves. They can surprise us with their unexpected impact. Our created characters aim to connect services, products, companies, and people in the world. We hope that they fulfill such roles and aspirations through their creation.

ピギーズ レッド キャラクターデザイン
ピギーズ イエロー キャラクターデザイン
ピギーズ ピンク キャラクターデザイン
ピギーズ グレー キャラクターデザイン
ピギーズ キャラクター キャラクターデザイン
ジャンボとコーン キャラクター クレイプロトタイプ キャラクターデザイン
Walk on This Way キャラクター キャラクターデザイン


AEDI’s character design service can help you create unique characters that differentiate you from your competitors. Original characters can enhance your brand image and emphasize the features of your services or products. You can improve customer acquisition and brand loyalty by providing impressive and relatable characters to consumers.

Through character design, let’s visually and clearly communicate the attractiveness and characteristics of your services, products, and company. Creating unique characters can strengthen your brand image and leave a lasting impression on consumers and users, leading to increased customer engagement and sales.

Zubzuku Cowboys Character 01
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 02
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 03
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 04
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 05
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 06
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 07
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 08
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 09
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 10
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 11
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 12
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 13
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 14
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 15
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 16
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 17
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 18
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 19
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 20
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 21
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 22
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 23
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 24
Zubzuku Cowboys Character 25

Let’s create attractive and relatable characters that foster customer attachment to your services, products, and company. Memorable characters and the resulting affection can strengthen the relationship between your brand and consumers, cultivate loyalty, and contribute to the success of your business.

Using characters helps express the image of your services, products, and company more clearly and adds familiarity and attractiveness, leading to effective advertising and promotion. Additionally, characters are more likely to be remembered and contribute to improved brand awareness. Let’s create beloved characters together at AEDI.

Rock Character Oji King
ヒトフデIQ キービジュアル


ゴースト2048 キービジュアル

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