Hope Real Estate Logo Mark

Hope Real Estate Logo Mark - Main Visual

Simple and cute. A captivating and adorable logo mark.

This is the logo design for Hope Real Estate in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. This logo was purchased through our service, "LogoLand," a small logo shop where logos can be easily acquired (formerly known as "LogoLogo" at the time of purchase). This logo features an illustrative element, with a cute house illustration placed in the center of a rounded octagon. It was designed with a focus on real estate and housing-related themes. Although logos available on LogoLand are suitable for anyone's use, we vividly remember feeling incredibly delighted when we received news of its purchase by your real estate company. The simplicity and charming appeal of this logo make it one of my personal favorites among the logos we've designed, as it exudes a cute allure that could work well even as a standalone symbol or on various merchandise.

Hope Real Estate Logo Mark - Line
Hope Real Estate Logo Mark - Grayscale
Hope Real Estate Logo Mark - Main Visual


Planning Art Direction Logo Design
Shozo Karato at AEDI Inc.
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