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Multilingual corporate website with extensive project portfolio.

We have designed and developed the corporate website for FALTO Corporation. Based in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, FALTO primarily operates in Western Japan and nationwide, specializing in furniture work, wooden fittings work, and carpentry work. The company underwent an organizational change from a limited company to a corporation in 2020, along with a transition from its former name Design Kougei Nakanishi Co., Ltd. to FALTO. We initially created their website before this change and, in line with the new logo and brand colors, performed a complete website overhaul concurrent with the organization and name change. With an office stationed in Vietnam, FALTO handles the importation of custom-made furniture and acts as an import agent for construction materials. Thus, we built a multilingual website in WordPress, featuring both Japanese and English versions. Construction achievements are categorized by prefecture, and the 'Works' page showcases these achievements, automatically listing the relevant prefectures and reflecting them on a map of Japan. Including unpublished construction projects, the website contains more than 300 pages. In parallel with the website, we assisted in the creation of 'The Works,' a brochure showcasing their construction achievements. Additionally, we provided support for logo design, envelope design, business card design, and the design of postcards/announcements.

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