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Incorporating the restaurant's concept into the logo design.

We have crafted the website for "AND," an Italian x Japanese fusion culinary restaurant located within the historic Bikan district of Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. From designing the logo mark, logotype, shop cards, business cards, and menus to creative direction, art direction, design, coding, photography, copywriting, content creation, and branding, we were extensively involved in nearly every aspect. "AND" excels not only in its fusion of Italian and Japanese cuisines but also in the exquisite pairings of recommended wines that complement its dishes. Beyond the delightful food, what truly captivates visitors is the personality of the chef and his wife, along with their heartwarming hospitality, making it a place one can't help but revisit. Nestled in the exceptional setting of Kurashiki's Bikan district, this restaurant offers innovative Italian and Japanese fusion creations. It's a place where remarkable food meets special people in an extraordinary location.
Note: The menu and content mentioned reflect the information as of 2019.

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Project Management Planning Creative Direction Art Direction Web Direction Web Design UI/UX Design Cording Copywriting Writing Photography Naming Branding
Shozo Karato at AEDI Inc.
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