Nakagawa Kitchen Brand Poster

Nakagawa Kitchen Brand Poster - Main Visual

Expressing the brand through taglines and visuals.

We handled the Nakagawa Kitchen Brand Poster (A1 size). Nakagawa Kitchen, based in Nakagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, is a frozen food and prepared meal manufacturer active mainly in Kyushu. For this poster, we were involved in planning, conceptualization, art direction, poster design, and the brand message. The brand message/tagline "Natural Deliciousness. Homemade Delights. Nakagawa Kitchen." is visually complemented by the photographs in the poster, expressing Nakagawa Kitchen's values of "Harmony with Nature," "Primarily Using Domestic Ingredients," "Avoiding Chemical Additives," and "Cooking as an Extension of Homemade." This poster is designed to align with the layout of Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan's brand poster, also under the B∞C (B8C) Group, enabling them to be displayed side by side without disruption. The design not only seamlessly complements Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan's poster but also stands out when displayed individually.

Nakagawa Kitchen Brand Poster - Catchphrase: 'The Delight of Nature. The Craftsmanship of Taste. Nakagawa Kitchen.'
Nakagawa Kitchen Brand Poster  キャッチコピー:Living in Harmony With Nature
Nakagawa Kitchen Brand Poster and Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan Poster
Nakagawa Kitchen Brand Poster


Project Management Planning Art Direction Poster Design Copywriting Branding
Shozo Karato at AEDI Inc.
T.S studio
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