Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan Brand Poster

Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan - Main Visual

Capturing history, future, and expansiveness through photography and message.

We created a brand poster (A1 size) for Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan Co., Ltd. Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan is a seafood processing company based in Fukuoka Prefecture that specializes in producing frozen fish fillets and fried products for commercial use. Established in 1976, the company has a rich history of sourcing fresh and delicious fish from seas around the world to create their products. This poster is a part of Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan's branding efforts, and we were responsible for the planning, conceptualization, art direction, poster design, and brand message (copywriting). The poster features photographs and the message "Seeking Valuable Fish, Now, Before, and Beyond," which was also used in the Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan Product Catalog 2022-2023 that we worked on almost simultaneously. The message, combined with images of fishing and Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan's history, future, and reach, expresses the essence of the brand. Designed to be displayed alongside Nakagawa Kitchen's brand poster, which belongs to the same B∞C (B8C) Group, this poster incorporates a playful element by adopting a consistent layout. It ensures a harmonious display when placed alongside Nakagawa Kitchen's poster and stands out even when showcased individually, showcasing the beauty of Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan's offerings.

Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan - Top Half of the Poster
Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan - Bottom Half of the Poster
Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan and Nakagawa kitchen poster
Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan, Catchphrase: 'Seeking Valuable Fish, Now and in the Future.
Fukuoka Marufuku Suisan - Entire Poster (Outdoor)


Project Management Planning Art Direction Poster Design Copywriting Branding
Shozo Karato at AEDI Inc.
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