What I Value Most as a Web Designer/Graphic Designer

What I Value Most as a Web Designer/Graphic Designer

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Currently, the most important thing for me as a designer is “doing meticulous work.” I consider doing meticulous work to be the top priority in my work in web design and graphic design.

I have been working as a web designer/graphic designer since 2001. Initially, I worked as a freelance designer during my student days, then briefly engaged in sales at an advertising agency. Later, I joined a web design company, working as a designer, then advancing to roles as a web director and art director, and now I am a designer at AEDI. Frankly, titles are not significant to me; although I technically serve as the company’s representative, I prefer the title of designer over president.

My perspective as a designer has evolved significantly over the years. What I think and believe now may change next month or next year, and I believe that’s natural. I don’t claim to have the correct answers or perspectives.

At the core, I want to do excellent work and create quality products. While there are always constraints such as deadlines and budgets, I believe that doing meticulous work is fundamental to delivering high-quality work. While designers need a range of skills like creativity, technical expertise, knowledge, imagination, focus, and communication, I believe that doing meticulous work is more critical than any of these. Meticulous work doesn’t require special talents; it’s about doing the work carefully, regardless of your level of experience or expertise. “Meticulous work” is not “perfect work.”

Now, why is meticulous work important? It’s because meticulous work has the power to appeal to people’s hearts. It can evoke feelings of appreciation for the attention to detail, the quality, or even a sense of luxury. Customers who receive meticulous services or products are less likely to have negative feelings.

On the other hand, sloppy work may be acceptable if it matches the price, but otherwise, it can be perceived as cheap or low-quality. Especially in services like web design, logos, brochures, catalogs, motion graphics, where the visual aspect directly influences customers’ perceptions, meticulous work is crucial.

Meticulous work also contributes to the quality of products and services. If asked whether quality or quantity is more important, my answer is, both are important, but quantity is the focus. Quantity is more important. I believe that striving to increase quality while handling quantity is ideal. In our work, there are situations where speed becomes more important than quality.

I digressed a bit, but currently, I am engaged in web design and graphic design work. Receiving products and services of meticulous work brings joy, doesn’t it? I always strive to provide such offerings to our customers.

This discussion about what I value most as a designer may apply to other professions as well.

In conclusion, I am a designer working at AEDI, based in Kurashiki, Okayama, providing services nationwide. If you’re planning web design, logo creation, brochure design, or any graphic design work, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

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