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AEDI Online Shop beta – Issues with WooCommerce

AEDI, Web Design

We have transitioned our website's online shop, AEDI Online Shop, from the alpha phase to the beta phase.

AEDI Online Shop Alpha Version

AEDI, Web Design

We are excited to announce the launch of AEDI's online shop, now in its alpha version.

Excluding/Removing Specific Tags in WordPress

Web Design

Excluding specific tags from the tag list with the_tag seemed challenging. However, I figured out a way using get_the_tags, and I wanted to share it with you.

How to Display Custom Post Type as a Dropdown Field in Contact Form 7

Web Design

When using WordPress custom post types for website development, there are instances where you might want to dynamically display a list of custom post type titles within Contact Form 7 forms, such as contact forms, order forms, or other types of forms, allowing users to make selections. In this guide, we will achieve this without using additional plugins. We'll demonstrate how to display a list of custom post type titles in a dropdown format using the SELECT (select box) element within Contact Form 7.

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