SimpleTaste Logo and Key Visual

SimpleTastes Logo and Key Visual

We have been preparing our new service since last month.

The concept, content, logo, and key visual design for the service have been finalized. What remains is the design of the website and the coding and programming for the service. In other words, the implementation of the service is where the real work begins.

Typically, one would unveil everything simultaneously at the launch of a service. However, we have decided to announce the service name, logo, and key visual ahead of time to apply pressure on ourselves and to boost enthusiasm for the implementation phase.

The service is named SimpleTastes. It encompasses our services related to web design/development and graphic design.

The logo combines red circles, yellow triangles, and blue squares to represent the various services under SimpleTastes and to express that these services are simple and easy to understand. Additionally, the key visual is based on the logo and is created in the top graphic of this page.

We will be giving it our all starting tomorrow.

We will provide updates either on the blog or the news page when the service is officially launched.

Updated on June 30, 2024: The logotype (font) has been updated.

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