Corron's Brain Training: IQ. Hitofude Website, Characters, Mobile/Game App UI and Logo

IQ. Hitofude - Website Main Visual

Simple. Yet addictive brain training game.

We have worked on various aspects of Corron Inc.'s mobile game app "Ghost 2048," and following that, we have been involved in the creation of the website (Japanese/English versions), characters, mobile app/game UI, and logo (logotype) for "Corron's Brain Training: IQ. Hitofude." IQ. Hitofude is a straightforward and accessible puzzle game that offers enjoyable gameplay for people of all ages, from children to adults. Similar to Ghost 2048, the game involves tracing tiles with a single stroke to flip them, aligning left and right patterns, and creating reverse patterns. In this instance, the game title includes the company name "Corron," making it a flagship game that carries the company's brand. We dedicated our efforts not only to the UI design of the app/game but also to the character design. As of June 1, 2023, the game itself is not publicly available (previously, it could be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play Store for iPhone and Android devices). Therefore, we won't be showcasing the UI design of the game on this page. Instead, we will focus on presenting the website, characters, and logo. Featuring an adorable king character and offering a brain-training game that's both simple and addictive, Corron's Brain Training: IQ. Hitofude is a testament to Corron's innovative approach to enhancing cognitive skills.

IQ. Hitofude - How to Play Part 1
IQ. Hitofude - How to Play Part 2
IQ. Hitofude - How to Play Part 3
IQ. Hitofude - How to Play Part 4
IQ. Hitofude - How to Play Part 5
IQ. Hitofude - English Website
IQ. Hitofude - Characters
IQ. Hitofude - Character (3 Poses)
IQ. Hitofude - Logo
IQ. Hitofude - Key Visual


Hiroyasu Sato, Corron Inc.
Project Management Planning Programing
Akihiro Akaishi, Corron Inc.
Art Direction Web Direction Web Design Multilingual website Development UI/UX Design Cording Character Design Logo Design Copywriting Translation
Shozo Karato, AEDI Inc.
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