Fermented Barley Extract Information Website and The Character

Fermented Barley Extract Information Website - Main Visual

A character-driven portal site/owned media that creates approachability.

We have undertaken the development of the Fermented Barley Extract Information Portal and its associated character for Sanwa Shurui Co., Ltd.'s Haida Green Bio Office. For this project, we designed a two-page website, created a static template using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript spanning two pages, and developed a character. Hikosha, a company based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, then used our materials to build the WordPress site. Sanwa Shuru is a renowned sake brewing company headquartered in Usa City, Oita Prefecture, known nationally for its 'iichiko' brand. Flying Sha specializes in website creation, web application development, and video production. The Fermented Barley Extract is a highly nutritious concentrate derived from the liquid byproduct of brewing iichiko from Nijo barley. This extract contains valuable nutrients, and the portal site serves as an information hub related to Fermented Barley Extract, providing health-related content. The intention behind this project was to create more than just a standard nutrition, health, and beauty-related portal site or owned media. By incorporating a character, we aimed to make the website approachable and friendly, lowering the threshold for users and presenting a more engaging and relatable portal site/owned media.

Fermented Barley Extract Information Website - Character (3 Poses)
Fermented Barley Extract Information Website - Website Design


Project management Planning Creative Direction Web Direction
Takahiro Ueno at Hikodha
WordPress Development
Hikosha, Inc.
Art Direction Web Design UI/UX Design Cording Character Design
Shozo Karato at AEDI Inc.
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