Ghost 2048 Websites, Characters, Mobile App/Mobile Game UI and Logo

Ghost 2048 - Mian Visual

A visually captivating and passionately crafted mobile game app.

We have created the website, characters, mobile app/game UI, and logo (logotype) for the smartphone game app "Ghost 2048" developed by Corron Inc. Corron is a company based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, specializing in commissioned computer system development. Ghost 2048 is a simple and user-friendly puzzle game based on the 2048 game mechanics, where players combine numbers to eliminate ghosts. With increasing difficulty levels as the stages progress, it's easy to lose track of time while playing this addictive mobile app game. As of August 1, 2023, the game itself is not publicly available. Therefore, we won't be showcasing the UI of the designed game, backgrounds of individual stages, or illustrations. Instead, we will present the website, characters, and logo. The UI of the app/game features changing backgrounds as the stages advance. We meticulously created background images for all stages and placed significant emphasis on visual aspects, including characters and the logo. This project holds sentimental value as it involved dedicating time and effort to the creation of a game with evolving visuals for each stage.

Ghost 2048 Japanese Website
Ghost 2048 - Website (How to Play)
Ghost 2048 - Website (Wallpapers)
Ghost 2048 English Website
Ghost 2048 Character (Ghost)
Ghost 2048 Character (Ghost in the Cloud)
Ghost 2048 - Logo (Logotype)
Ghost 2048 - Key Visual


Hiroyasu Sato at Corron Inc.
Project Management Planning Programming
Akihiro Akaishi at Corron Inc.
Art Direction Web Direction Web Design Multilingual Website Development UI/UX Design Cording Character Design Logo Design Copywriting Translation
Shozo Karato at AEDI Inc.
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