August 22, 2023, 14:40 - Reflecting on This Blog

August 22, 2023, 14:40 – Reflecting on This Blog

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About this blog.

As we revamp our website, we’re contemplating what kind of content and topics to write about on this blog.

It’s currently August 22nd (Tuesday), 2:40 PM, and I find myself in a family restaurant in Mizue, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. Why, you might wonder? Well, sitting in front of my computer at the usual workspace wasn’t yielding any ideas today. Inspiration wasn’t descending from the heavens, and I found myself just staring at the monitor.

During times like these, I step out of my workspace and head to a family restaurant or a coffee shop to work. Writing tends to flow more smoothly in places like these, and that’s what I’m hoping for.

Currently, the family restaurant is about 40% full. I’m sipping on my second cappuccino. It’s scorching outside, but inside, it’s pleasantly cool. The background chatter of people having conversations provides just the right level of noise for me to focus on writing this blog.

Now, as for what I’m thinking about, it revolves around design and web technology. I want to write about our services, website design, graphic design, motion design, character design, brand design, art, movies, photography, sports, music, nature, books, life, and what I’m interested in learning in the future. I’d also like to delve into topics like marketing, management, and anything that connects, even in the slightest, to our company and our services, and adds value.

If these writings can bring a bit of joy or inspiration to our clients and all of you who read this website and blog, or if they can make you feel more energized, or give you courage, or be of assistance in your work, life, and daily routines in any way, that would be fantastic. This holds true not only for the blog but also for our company’s services and this entire website.

I’m writing this without any pretense, just relaxed. While it might become something you find bothersome to read, as a person involved in the web, it could also serve as a source of learning and experience. From a perspective of increasing revenue streams, we might even consider placing ads, as long as they don’t become burdensome for the readers.

I doubt I could force myself to write about things I don’t know or have absolutely no interest in.

One more thing, what should we do with the old blog posts that we had on our previous website? Tips related to the web and WordPress are still widely read even in the old articles. Besides the blog, we have another content section called “Bside,” which deals with content somewhat unrelated to our services. But these articles are also frequently read. Whether they’re good articles for us or this website is a different question, but we can consider that later.

Even though I’ve switched to hot cocoa, this is a short blog post for our company’s website, and I think I’m almost done.

This time, I’ve started writing without organizing the swirling thoughts in my head.

This is the kind of blog it is, but we hope you’ll continue to enjoy it in the future.

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