AEDI Online Shop

We are excited to announce the launch of AEDI Online Shop.

After continuous improvements through alpha and beta versions, we have now launched the official version of our online shop. In this online shop, we aim to sell items related to our services, including web design, graphic design, motion design, character design, and brand design, that we have either designed or been involved in producing.

As previously mentioned in our blog, the goal of our unique online shop was to have the following features:

  • Online shop with the same design as our website
  • Online shop with the same domain as our website
  • Multilingual online shop in Japanese and English
  • Customizable online shop
  • Online shop compatible with WordPress
  • Cost-effective online shop with reduced fees
  • Secure online shop with robust security measures

While we have achieved many of our objectives, there are still areas that require further enhancements, especially in terms of security. We are committed to continuously updating and implementing the latest security measures to improve and develop our online shop.

Regarding our products, they are currently available for purchase through external shop sites. We are eager to produce products that can be purchased and completed within this online shop as soon as possible.

Although our online shop still faces challenges, we look forward to your continued support for AEDI and our online shop.

AEDI Online Shop starts today.

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